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family or relationships


Adoption, foster care, and kinship care bring a mix of both gains and losses to families. Some children feel the losses acutely, while others do not. Some kids carry the scars and hurt of abuse and neglect with them into their new homes, thus impacting their behaviors and ability to adjust to their new homes. It’s not uncommon for those children to struggle to attach to or trust their new parents or caregivers. It’s also not uncommon that the new parents may struggle to attach to their new children.


LGTBQ+ people, like other people, most commonly enter psychotherapy needing discussion and help to better understand interpersonal relationships as well as how to navigate stressors related to work, family, and social circumstances.


Counseling can help parents in various ways. Some parents become stressed by a particular parenting challenge. They can find support and guidance and learn skills to address their parenting concerns.

Relationship Issues

Relationships – whether with family, friends, or partners – will have had a marked impact on our sense of self and how we relate to others. They can provide us with security, affection, excitement, and hope, but our closest relationships are often the playground – or battleground – upon which our deepest vulnerabilities, our most damaging behaviors, and our unresolved past hurt can be revealed.


Self-harm means hurting yourself on purpose. People may self-injure for many reasons, but self-harm can sometimes be more severe than intended or lead to infection. Treatment is available.