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Career Counseling

Career counseling, also known as career guidance, is counseling designed to help with choosing, changing, or leaving a career during a stage of life. One’s career is often one of the most important aspects of adulthood, and embarking on a new career, whether for the first time, the second time, or any time thereafter, can be a stressful event, especially when economic difficulties such as recession are a factor. A career counselor can help by outlining and discussing one’s potential career options.


Spiritual experiences happen and when they do, they can often be life-changing. These moments can often lead people on a trajectory that changes them forever. Allowing these conversations and being prepared for them in therapy is an important step in recognizing the spiritual dimension of human life.


For those who need help with stressful situations or feelings, stress therapy, also known as stress management or stress management therapy, is an option. This is a group of techniques, strategies, or programs that are used to address stressful situations and stress responses to those situations.