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The mission of RISE is to Rejuvenate Inner Strength Everyday.
“RISE up like a mountain steady and strong!” 

Carrie Miller


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Hello! My name is Carrie Miller, and I am the founder of RISE
(Rejuvenate Inner Strength Everyday) Healing and Wellness. Healing and Wellness often do not occur together, but at RISE, the very core of the practice is the PROCESS of helping individuals become sound and healthy so that one is not just surviving on a daily basis, but instead one is living to his/her/their full potential.

Helen Keller said, “Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.” RISE Healing and Wellness will work with you through your suffering and pain to envision and achieve a satisfying life. This may sound evasive to some who have suffered since childhood, but my training in trauma, grief counseling, PTSD, sexual abuse, disability, crime, pet loss, job loss, self-esteem issues, family/relationship concerns, codependency, infidelity, and addiction recovery will assist your process of healing and achieving wellness again or perhaps for the first time ever. We will work together using tools such as positive psychology, self-compassion, mindfulness, acceptance, and self-talk.

I work with individuals from all backgrounds ranging in age from post high school to the elderly, heterosexual and LGTBQ, and those from diverse cultural/religious/spiritual backgrounds. I love being a counselor because I believe in the resilience of the human heart, and I find it to be a privilege to work alongside others while they heal and find their own way.

the secret to

Successful Healing

The wise philosopher Socrates once said, “The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” This is a profound statement, as we often find ourselves looking for excuses for the past. The past is just that!! It is behind us, but many people continue living in the events and memories that have taken place in prior situations (sometimes older rather recent). Nothing we do now can change or erase what has previously occurred in our lives, but we do have to ability to write our own stories as our lives move forward.

In a safe and comfortable setting, through empathy, compassion, and sincere concern, together we will develop a personal plan to enhance your life and relieve your struggles, anxiety, depression, and past or current traumas, while addressing additional mental health concerns.

I rely on prior experience in crisis and emergency services along with non-emergent mental issues to serve individuals. I pride my practice on being a judgment-free environment, sensitive to our world’s ongoing issues.